SAEK is one of the leading solar energy system installation organizations in Finland. We operate throughout the entire territory of Finland.

SAEK acts as the official installation organization for several partners in both the consumer and corporate sectors. We install solar energy systems from small single-family homes to large solar parks with thousands of panels.

We construct over a thousand single-family home power plants and approximately 100 project sites each year. Currently (2023), SAEK employs approximately 200 people and aims to be Finland’s highest-quality and largest solar energy system installation organization.

All of our power plants are built with the current standard of quality, and we document all aspects of the installation. We provide a five-year installation warranty for single-family homes and a two-year installation warranty for projects.

We have been collaborating with importers and solar power-selling companies for years. We have been installing solar power plants since 2007.

Uncompromising quality in solar power production – SAEK. SAEK Installation Services

Proper installation ensures the best return and longevity for the power plant. With over 10 years of experience, we know what we are doing.