We operate as the official installation organization for several of our partners. Our installation services cover all stages of the installation project, from calculations of energy production to permits, electrical and project planning, as well as commissioning and monitoring. Our clientele includes both corporate and consumer sectors.

Over the years, we have maintained a close collaboration with importers and companies manufacturing solar power equipment, with Orima Oy being an example.

We uphold uncompromising quality and professionalism in solar energy production – SAEK The New Quality Standard for Solar Power Plants

The New Quality Standard for Solar Power Plants

The installation of solar energy systems is rapidly increasing in Finland. The fast-growing sector brings both opportunities and challenges. The commissioning of a solar power plant involves several phases aimed at ensuring the plant’s reliable and safe operation.

New, stricter standards define guidelines for commissioning inspections, documentation, testing, and various measurements. In addition to standards, quality assurance aims to prevent external factors from affecting the plant’s efficiency and reliability throughout its lifecycle.

For us at SAEK, staying up-to-date and at the forefront of this ever-evolving industry is a given. Installation



Proper installation ensures the highest return and a long lifespan for your power plant. With over 10 years of experience, we know what we are doing.

Technically sound solutions extend the lifespan of your power plant.

  • Workmanship
  • Experience
  • Safety
  • Service orientation

SAEK Maintenance

Maintenance and Repairs for Solar Power Plants
We service and repair all solar power plants, regardless of the inverter and solar panel brand. We have expertise in various inverter brands, including SMA, Fronius, Steca, Kostal, ABB, SofarSolar, Kaco, Solis, and more. We are a service partner for several different importers and sales organizations.
Fault work and repairs: +358 500 195 190 /
Maintenance Agreement for Solar Energy Systems
The maintenance agreement is based on the requirements of the SFS-EN 62446-1:2016 standard.

As a rule, maintenance program activities will be carried out on a sunny day. A report is made of the annual maintenance, and the plant is photographed as agreed. All deviations are reported and, if necessary, corrected. These include corrosion damage, frost damage, displaced components, warping, cracks, and fractures, among others.

In addition, we measure the solar energy system as agreed and conduct thermal imaging.
Call us and request a maintenance agreement for your solar energy system.
Maintenance agreements: +358 500 195 190 /